• Lots of news

    Where do I start, it has been a while so naturally I finally have a lot to say :D. So first of; my Mendel90 finally got his well deserved paint job, and some needed wiring cleanup. Also while I was doing that I slapped in some new electronics (well new for me as it’s the old but well tested RAMPS 1.4 Arduino combination).

    Mendel90 Paintjob

    Since we are still on the subject of electronics and one of my colleagues pointed me to Pcbway (a cheap fab house) which sells you 10 prints for 5 bucks I decided to attempt to make my own PCB. So I fired up KiCad and started designing a PCB that fits snugly into the tiny space reserved for a connector board on my Mendel90 hotend carriage. 10 days later I was a proud owner of my very own PCB and by some miracle I even fits the housing, unfortunately I read the ramps schematics wrong and I had to bodge wire the entire thing, but hey what would you expect from a software dude making a pcb :P. Anyhow the rev1 is up on my Github for anyone who happens to have the same Mendel90 as me :D or ambitions to have the same one (which ever is more likely).

    Mendel90 Hotend PCB

    Continuing with colleagues… I started my own company together with two of my former colleagues, it’s called EVAbits and we do….surprise surprise engineering :D so if you need some of that done head over to our website.


    Lastly I received a LCD display from my other job from an old discontinued product which I hooked up to a Raspberry Pi and IT WORKED! I had to use almost all GPIO pins though so I have to figure something out for connecting other peripherals. Ooh yea the reason I did this was for my car multimedia setup which I am building (very slowly but you know… some day it will be done). The LCD also had a touchscreen controller which I had to replace by an Arduino because I could not get it to work on my Raspberry Pi, anyway more details on the LCD in a different post.

    Pi LCD Hookup

    So thats it for now, thanks for reading…if you made it this far that is :D

  • Mendel90 first print!

    There is always that scary thought when first switching on a printer of which you have just spend a couple of hours doing the wiring and it’s getting late. You wonder if you made a mistake… yet you are in to deep so you try anyway. Flick the switch and watch for any magic smoke or popcorn sounds……..

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  • More is better! Mendel90

    Every self respecting 3D printing guy has to have built his own 3d printer. By buying a kit from china I felt like that was cheating. So after looking at some printer designs I decided to go with the Medel90 by Nophead. Since it is fully customizable and can be built with simple tools and someMDF board.

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  • Need some 3D printing done?

    Yess, my very own 3D Printing hub is alive! Check it out at 3D Hubs Erik’s Hub

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  • iMac why u no work?

    My iMac…. I am still a bit sad thinking about it, but never give up thats what I say. After a bit of googling I found a service manual of my iMac, which stated that the LED’s on the logic board should give you an idea of whats going on. Since none of my LED’s lit up the guide stated that there might be something wrong with the power supply (that would make sense right?), so I give my Chinese friend Ali a quick look and 60 Euro’s and 1 week later I have a replacement power supply.

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  • 3D Printer madness

    So I decided to buy a 3D printer kit from Aliexpress which is a great site for cheap stuff btw.

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  • Mini kitchen with LED cooking top

    Recently I constructed a wooden play kitchen for my daughter. The kitchen came as a self build package.

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  • iMac hdd replacement

    Last week I replaced my terribly slow harddisk with a brand new Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD. Since I own an iMac this is not a straight forward as one might think.

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  • VXI11 Ruby

    When working with electronics there is a big chance you need a test setup, This setup often contains big and expensive products like oscilloscopes and signal generators. If your lab has big and expensive devices like this, chances are high that they can be controlled using the VXI11 protocol.

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  • Raspberry PI as Arduino network programmer

    This guide will show you how to program an Arduino connected to your Raspberry PI from the Arduino IDE on your local computer. Linux and OS X for now

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