Yess, my very own 3D Printing hub is alive! Check it out at 3D Hubs Erik’s Hub

I was finally happy with the quality of my 3D printer, su much so that I decided it is good enough to sell parts printed with it. So I went over to 3D Hubs and created my own Hub.

My Hub

This hub allows me to sell my 3D Print skills as a service to others. The setup process is fairly straight forward and easy to do, you simply add your printer, types of filament you own, the price you wish to receive for your services and you’re set. Well not just yet, because in order for 3D Hubs to build a trustworthy community they need to verify a few things first. So of course e-mail, but then address (yes they send you a post card :)) and of course the print quality.

The last one is not that hard, basically you have to print a Marvin keychain at the highest resolution of your printer and take some pictures of that print.

Once that is done someone will review your print and you are good to go!

So to anyone interested

Order a 3D Print