Contact info

Please use one of the social networks to get in touch with me.

Skills and abilities

Personal skills

  • Hard working
  • Fast learner
  • Creative and Problem solving
  • Can work under pressure

Technical skills

  • Coding in various (scripting) languages and frameworks, like C, C++, Ruby, Javascript, Java, HTML, CSS, Markdown, QT (C++), Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, websockets and nodejs
  • Broad knowledge of programming from low level microcontroller, ARM based systems to high level (web) application.
  • Designing and programming embedded systems, porting existing code to embedded systems driver programming.
  • Knowledge of various operating systems like Buildroot, Linux, OS X, RTOS and Windows
  • Basic knowledge of hardware engineering (reading datasheets, SMD soldering, electrical components)
  • Experience with new technologies like Lora (designing and programming of lora node)

Language skills

  • Dutch, excellent both written and oral
  • English, excellent both written and oral
  • German, good oral and reading, a bit rusty when writing
  • Swiss german, ok oral, writing not applicable

Education and training

  • Hanzehogeschool, Groningen (NL) — Bachelor of ICT, graduated in 2009
  • Communitech, Kitchener (CA) - Business fundamentals course, 2015


Engineer at Ingu Solutions, Kitchener (CA) — April 2015 - August 2015

  • Setting up an office in Waterloo Canada (Skills: People skills, networking, independent working)
  • Responsible for recruiting hiring and mentoring of co-op students
    (Skills: People skills, people insight)
  • Responsible for developing the second revision of the Xploring WiseMote product by finding manufacturers parts, updating the firmware and readout software.
    (Skills: C, PCB manufacturing, 3D Cad design, prototyping)

Engineer at INCAS3, Assen (NL) — July 2009 - Present

  • Applying sensor technology to real world applications.
  • I was responsible for adapting/creating the firmware and interface on a high end network sound device
    (Skills: RTOS, buildroot and QT)
  • Created the web interface and spectrum fitting analisys software for a full spectrum radiation detector
    (Skills: C/C++, nodejs, buildroot, websockets various javascript libraires, linux kernel driver programming and Ruby on Rails).
  • Taught embedded Java and C classes at the university (HIT) in Assen (NL).
  • Designed, developed and deployed remote monitoring system in Northern Saskatchewan
    (Skills: Hands on troubleshooting, C/C++, buildroot, 3G modem using pppd, robust programming, engineerd to tough conditions (-40, 80°C), Ruby on rails)
  • Designed and programmed a sensor readout stack, based on low power Atmel coretex M0+, which stacking features for sensor boards, power controller/solar charger, modem board and lora board.
    (Skills: C, Ruby on rails)
  • Design and firmware of a miniature sensor ball, with motion sensors and sd card storage and temperature sensor.
    (Skills: C)

Co owner at Bazingalabs, Groningen (NL) — April 2011 - June 2014

  • Development of prototype boards for wireless hobby electronics based on the Arduino platform for creating your own internet of things at home.
    (Skills: Business development, C, websites, soldering, bootloaders)

Engineer at Rosnes Sensor Solutions, Assen (NL) — February 2009 - July 2009

  • Prototyped a wireless sensor for detecting parked and moving cars.
    (Skills: C, Sensor interfacing, 433MHz radio’s)

Student at Hanzehogeschool, Groningen (NL) — 2005 - 2009

Projects at school include:

  • Creating simulation software for managing taxi routes for a taxi company
    (Skills: Java, Algorithms)
  • Designing, setting up and configuring a network for a school.
    (Skills: networking, switch management, server management)
  • Creating a Skype like application in a linux terminal.
    (Skills: C, gstreamer)