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Here I have a list of all the upgrades I have done to my printer, where possible I will link to the files I used.

Silicon heater for hotbed

I switched my hotbed heater from PCB to silicone heater purchased from AliExpress This improved my hotbed warmup time from about 5 min to 2 min for 85°C

E3D v6 hotend!

I purchased an E3D v6 hotend with bowden coupler from 123-3D.nl, and I must say I love the thing. E3D hotend

BTW, If you are from the Netherlands, 123-3d.nl is an awesome site to buy 3d printer stuff (order before 23:59 and next day delivery)

The parts I printed to mount the hotend are:

Heated bed

  • I put a piece of cardboard under the heated bed which significantly improved the warmup time.

X Carriage

X-Idler X-Idler

Y Carriage

  • I printed a replacement Y-Idler with tensioning screws from bunjatec Y-Idler Thing

Corner piece

MK8 Fan air redirect for PETG

  • I made an Air redirector because the extruder fan was blowing air on my print and the PETG filament does not like that.